Quest for Love

Mackenzie travels to Costa Rica to secure more cacao supply for her work at a chocolate company. Tagging along is her best friend, Ethan, a writer who is tasked to make his action-adventure books more romantic. Though it’s a chore for him, Mackenzie hopes this will be a chance for him to see her through new eyes and hopefully return the love she’s secretly harbored for him. However, when a tourist named Lucas meets Mackenzie, his interest in her makes Ethan wake up. Mackenzie is caught between the man she’s loved and doubting if he’ll ever feel the same way, and wondering if maybe Lucas is the change she needs.

Beauty and the Billionaire

Addison gets roped into traveling overseas with her brother and his picky billionaire boss. It’s a world she doesn’t understand but she tries her hardest to help, if only to save her brother’s job. But clashing with the billionaire is no vacation, until he starts to learn from Addison that his arrogant behavior can change and not define him. With his change of heart and admiration towards Addison, she can’t help but see the good in him, leading both to see a possibility of true love.

A Model Christmas

Cali, an up-and-coming famous model, is determined to sprinkle in visits to charitable causes between her Christmas work commitments. To do so, a driver is hired to take her from one city to the next in a week-long trip across the country. Jack, the driver, sees the winter weather is getting worse and suggests a detour at his parents’ home. There Cali finds the peace she’s been seeking. The toll of her profession has made her unhappy, but a glimpse of the family’s joyful life—and one with Jack’s loving heart—might just help her reach her most important dreams.
Premiered on Great American Family

Cinderella in the Caribbean

Ashlyn is coerced by her stepmother, Miriam, to come join the family on a trip to the Caribbean as part of destination wedding. Miriam is the bride to be, and though Ashlyn has been on her own for a while, her stepfamily is quick to fall into old patterns of undervaluing Ashlyn, putting her down, and expecting her to do everything. To make things harder, Miriam’s fiancé, Bruce, is a wonderful man who is oblivious to Miriam’s ways. Ashlyn finds friendship and the beginnings of love with Bruce’s son, Noah. But Ashlyn struggles to have her own happily ever after when she knows her stepfamily is set to ruin Bruce.

Destined at Christmas 2

A year after Theo and Kim first met, Theo is eager to marry Kim. He picks up a ring to propose, but is sidetracked by Kim’s news of a great development at her work. With the Christmas rush of shopping and traditions, Theo tries again and again to propose, but something gets in the way each time, even losing the engagement ring. Kim can tell something is wrong, but not the reason, and it has both her and Theo trying to figure out what the other wants in their relationship. But destiny brought them together before, and it’ll take a bit of fate and perseverance for Theo to find the perfect moment to propose and make this Christmas the happiest so far!
Premiered on Great American Family

Secret Santa Admirer

Lila holds a grudge when she re-meets Glenn, her high school nemesis. He’s just moved back to town and got a job at the theater where Lila works, and she wants nothing to do with him. But Glenn claims he’s different now and wants to prove it. When the company has a Secret Santa gift exchange to bring in the Christmas spirit, Glenn swaps assignments to make sure he is Lila’s Secret Santa. Through working together, Lila sees he has changed, but does that mean she can really let go of the past to see him as a friend? And while she struggles with that, she is charmed by the secret Santa gifts she’s been receiving. She will come to a crossroads within herself when she discovers she’s falling in love with the person she used to resent.
Premiered on Great American Family

Journey of Jesus Christ hosted by Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo hosts a dramatized, live-action look at the life of Jesus Christ.


Approx 180 minutes

Hosted by Kevin Sorbo