Love on Tour

Hope and Jeb are touring the Ephesus ancient ruins but then are left behind by their tour bus. They must help each other get back to Istanbul. Along the way, Hope draws closer to the memory of a dear loved one, while Jeb fears for his career that's waiting back home. Their journey will help put in perspective what they want in life and their feelings for each other.

Post Production

Starring Sara Fletcher, Nick Ferry


Approx. 90 minutes

Quest for Love

Mackenzie travels to Costa Rica to secure more cacao supply for her work at a chocolate company. Tagging along is her best friend, Ethan, a writer who is tasked to make his action-adventure books more romantic. Though it’s a chore for him, Mackenzie hopes this will be a chance for him to see her through new eyes and hopefully return the love she’s secretly harbored for him. However, when a tourist named Lucas meets Mackenzie, his interest in her makes Ethan wake up. Mackenzie is caught between the man she’s loved and doubting if he’ll ever feel the same way, and wondering if maybe Lucas is the change she needs.

Post Production