My One True Love

Everything is perfect in Ali’s life until a fortune teller tells her she’ll lose her job, be forced to move apartments, and find true love with a man named John. Ali can’t ignore it after the first two fortunes come true. Her dear friends help find all the men named John that they can, but Ali finds herself drawn to a charming paramedic fireman. But since his name isn’t John, Ali struggles to accept her “future” when her heart yearns for the paramedic.

Post Production

Starring Andriana Manfredi, Ross Jirgl, Shae Robins


93 minutes

Just Add Love

April is an uptight health-chef guru on the verge of notoriety, but her brand of cooking is failing. Despite her assurances healthy is tasty, those who have tried her recipes disagree. Her cookbook publisher is thinking about dropping her. Unwilling to give up on her hard work and career, April vows to reinvent herself. She goes to Italy to learn how to incorporate the country’s notorious rich culture of food in her own recipes. There, she meets Rob, a brilliant chef hoping to open his own restaurant someday. Between Rob and the Italian cuisine, April finds new joy and freedom in life and cooking—and also love. It allows her to see what she’s been missing. With that, she discovers she needs to start living and enjoying life to bring out its best flavors.