Free Showings of Singing with Angels

We are excited to announce the movie Singing with Angels (featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) can be shown to church congregations of any denomination for free! This means you can use your DVD to show the movie free of charge to church groups and congregations (no admission may be charged to see the movie). Singing with Angels is a feature-length movie (not a documentary, not a musical performance) inspired by true events, about a woman’s experiences in joining and serving in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as she deals with the joys, conflicts and tragedies in her own and her family’s lives.

Usually public performance rights (PPR) or permission must be obtained for showing films or other copyrighted material to your group (for LDS groups, see Church Handbook; other denominations may have similar policies). Please consider this email your permission from Candlelight Media Group (the copyright holder) to show Singing with Angels to your congregation.

This film may also be shown for free to other non-profit organizations, such as non-profit care centers and hospitals. Please inform Candlelight Media Group at about your organization’s showing.

For help or questions about showing the movie to your group, contact

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