Faith In Their Footsteps

FaithInTheirFootstepsFilmed entirely on location, Faith In Their Footsteps: The First Apostles in Great Britain is the inspiring story of the ministry of the first Latter-day Saint missionaries in the British Isles in July 1837. In just nine months, a small band of missionaries baptized some two thousand people in England and laid the foundations of the great exodus of Saints from across Europe to the Salt Lake Valley.

From the Albert Docks in Liverpool to Preston, and along the River Ribble to villages and towns such as Chatburn and Downham, this film traces the footsteps of those early missionaries and tells the miraculous story of their journey of faith. Filled with breathtaking cinematography, this thorougly researched and richly informative film sheds new light on a miraculous era in early Latter-day Saint history.


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