Discovering Emma

DiscoveringEmmaTo this day, Emma Hale Smith remains a revered yet enigmatic figure in LDS Church history.  As the founder of the world’s largest women’s organization, the Relief Society, and as a scribe for her husband the Prophet Joseph Smith as he translated portions of the Book of Mormon, Emma played a crucial part in the foundations of the Latter-day faith.

Yet her decision to remain in Nauvoo, Illinois after her husband’s martyrdom instead of traveling west with the Saints caused deep misunderstandings between her and Brigham Young.  Many today might wonder how someone so intimately involved in the birth of Mormonism would remain separated from the rest of the Church.

Discovering Emma explores Emma Smith and her varying roles in the different stages of her life.  Join prominent LDS scholars and descendants of Joseph and Emma Smith as they uncover the life of Emma as never seen before.

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