Day of Defense

DayOfDefenseBased on the book, “A Day of Defense” by A. Melvin McDonald, Day of Defense tells the story of two missionaries representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who are arrested and put on trial in the fictional town of Marysville. The arrest and subsequent trial are a result of a self-proclaimed law in the small town that disallows unlicensed religions to preach.  The local public defender, Thomas Bryant, is ordered to defend them against the Christian Town Council, who is represented by his best friend, the prosecuting attorney.  This sets the stage for a firestorm of arguments between Thomas, his family and friends who are diametrically opposed to the missionaries, causing emotions to flair as members of the community grapple with long-held beliefs and perceptions. Friendships, relationships and attitudes are stretched to the limit. For the first time ever, different religions must face off in a court of law.

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